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Egypt is perhaps one of the very few countries that has a big haul of history amidst historical controversies. People like the Jewish hero Moses, Queen Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, King Tut and others have donned the land.  Egypt showcases much of man’s history, his achievements and the glorious monuments that stand to tell a tale for our future generations. Visitors to Egypt must obtain a visa from one of the Egyptian diplomatic missions unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries or countries that are eligible for visa on arrival. Visitors must hold passports that are valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival to Egypt. In March 2015 it was announced that all foreigners travelling to Egypt for tourism will require visas in advance as of May 15, 2015. The only exemption will be for organized groups visiting through an Egyptian travel agency. In April 2015 Egyptian authorities announced that they have reversed the decision until an electronic visa system is in place.



Citizens of the following 7 countries and territories may visit Egypt without a visa for 3 months: Bahrain, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Lebanon, Macao, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Malaysia.



According to the Egyptian Consulate General, citizens of the following countries can obtain visa upon arrival at any of the Egyptian ports of entry: All European Union citizens, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, South Korea, Macedonia, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, United States.



From 3 December 2017 citizens of 46 countries may apply for tourist or business types of visa for 30 days online through the e-Visa system: All European Union citizens, Albania, Canada, Japan, Iceland, North Korea, South Korea, Macedonia, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Russia, Serbia, Switzerland, Ukraine, United States, Vatican city.



Egypt Tourist Visa:

  • Issued with a validity of 3 months, and is intended solely for applicants wishing to visit the country for the purposes of tourism
  • Applicants must leave upon the visa’s expiry and must not engage in any form of employment while on their visit.
  • Issued for either single entry or multiple entries.


Egypt Entry Visa:

  • Designed for applicants who wish to work or study in Egypt, or engage in an activity which is not covered by the tourist visa
  • The Egypt entry visa also acts as the first step for applicants hoping to gain Egyptian permanent residency.



  1. Original passport;
  2. Visa application form signed by the applicant;
  3. 2 passport photos in 4×6 cm size white background;
  4. Marriage certificate;
  5. A letter for visa application;
  6. Work permit and temporary residence card applied for foreigner working in Vietnam;
  7. An authorized letter, in case the applicant not able to submit in person.


For business purpose providing the following documents

  1. An invitation letter from sponsored company or organization in Egypt, this letter should be sent directly to the embassy or consulate of Egypt
  2. A passport scanned copy of inviter

For tourist purpose proving the following documents

  1. A copy of hotel reservation
  2. A copy of return air-ticket



The duration of stay are determined/ confirmed by the Egyptian Embassy or Consulate, the popular visa term is 3 month single entry.



The visa processing time is from 7 to 10 working days


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