Does the processing department of Australia visa have a right to ask me for providing more documents or interview?

Yes, he does. It depends on the situations of every dossier, even you have submitted at the Australia visa application Center.


You may monitor your processing dossier in Australia visa application Center’s website system by logging in with some required information.

Can foreigners in Vietnam apply for Australia visa?

  • The foreigners who are staying in Vietnam with the purpose of living and working, they can apply for Australia visa and carry documents proving purpose of stays in Vietnam.
  • Foreigners who are staying in Vietnam with the purpose of temporary tourism should come back their country to apply.

May others receive visa result for me?

Issued visas shall be sent through email for applicants or authorized persons. This is the electronic visa, replacing for paper visa previously stamping on passport.

Is it alright if I would like to get back my passport for a while in the processing time of Australia visa application?

When applying for Australia visa, you do not need to submit the original passport. All you have to do is doing photo notarized passport to submit for visa application center.

Do I have to apply for Australia visa by myself?

â Presence when applying for a visa is required for all visa applicants.

What are the necessary requirements for Australia visa?

The necessary requirements for Australia visa include: Are they stable in employment, How is their income, presently do they own houses, lands and other properties, bank financial capacity, family factors, outbound history and some different factors… 

How valid is Australia visa?

Generally Australia visa is valid for 1 year, single entry, maximum residence not over 3 months and no visa extension.

How long to process the Australia visa application?

The normal time for processing Australia visa is from 3 to 4 weeks, except for the cases of humanities and emergency.

Where to apply for Australia visa?

  • Normally, choosing where to apply visa, the Consulate shall base on place of birth on passport and registered places of permanent residence. However, Australia visa is not for 2 such reasons.
  • To apply visa in HCMC or Ha Noi, the applicant must stay in 2 cities or neighboring provinces and prove their current job here. For the case of no job, they must prove that they own houses and lands here