What are the financial requirements to apply for France visa?

If the applicant’s parents or the applicant are one company representative, the applicant should provide individual’s bank account statement and bank documents under the name of the company.

The bank account statement includes full account history within the latest 3 months to meet the minimum requirements set by Consulate. For uncompleted bank account statement, it is required to present explanation letter for such a reason.

Please note that the bank account statement is not original certificate of deposit. Bank account statements must show exactly the date of deposit and withdraw.

Is there any special requirement for minor applicants of France visa?

About presence

If the minors are required to take their biometric data in filing process, they should present on the spot.

Please note that the minors are not allowed to submit by themselves, they have to go with their parents or legal guardians.

In case of the representatives who come with minors are not parents or legal guardians, the representatives should present written permission signed by either a parent or legal guardian.

About signature on minor applicant’s passport

The passport of the applicant who is minor must comply with the below regulations: for applicant under 10 years old, there is no need to sign on passport. For applicant over 10 years old (even 10 years old), it is required to sign on the passport by the applicant.

Parents and guardians are not allowed to sign on the passport of the minor applicant, if not, it is useless to apply for France visa by this passport.

About the minor applicant’s signature on visa form

For the applicant under 18 years old, the visa form must be signed by either at least one of the parents or legal guardian.

About the minor’s signature on the confirmation list of biometric data

If the applicant who is minor and required to take his/her biometric data, one of the parents or legal guardian need to sign on certificate of biometric data and visa form, and both documents have to be certificated by a same person.

Special documents for minor applicants

To have sufficient grounds to grant visas for the minors, the General Consulates or Consulates have proven the consent of a parent or legal guarantees for the trip.

If the parents come along with their children and submit the documents at the same time, they should have a proof of relations.

If only one of the parents come with his/her children, he/she should provide the proof of relations as well as the other’s written approval.

Does the processing department of France visa have a right to ask me for providing more documents or interview?

Yes, he does. It depends on the situations of every dossier, even you have submitted at the France visa application Center.

Please note that any document required to complete, even it is not in list of main documents corresponding to the type of visa you would like to apply, you have to submit along with the notarized translation in English or French if the original in other languages.


You may monitor your processing dossier in FRANCE VISA reception center’s website system.

Can foreigners in Vietnam apply for France visa?

The foreigners who are staying in Vietnam with the purpose of living and working, they can apply for France visa and carry documents proving purpose of stays in Vietnam.

Foreigners who are staying in Vietnam with the purpose of temporary tourism should come back their country to apply.

If I would like to come to one of Schengen countries, except for France, where should I submit documents?

You should specify which countries you will stay for a longest time and submit visa application at that country’s consulate in Vietnam. In case of the residence times are equal between countries, you should determine which country you enter at the first time and submit application at that country’s Consulate in Vietnam.

May others receive visa result for me?

In case you can’t move, you may totally authorize a third person. Authorized letter shall be confirmed by the People’s Committee where you are residing and attached receipts after filing, the applicant’s original ID card along with receiver’s original ID. 

Is it alright if I would like to get back the passport for a while in the processing time of France visa application?

You are able to demand to keep the passport if necessary. At that moment, you should present written proof and sign the liability exemption document in case of not return the passport. Then, you should quickly submit again passport for visa application center as soon as possible.

Do I have to apply for France visa by myself?

Presence is required for all of applicants when they apply for visa, unless they are in case of fingerprint exemption. If those people are exempt from fingerprint, they are able to authorize others to submit documents, but the authorized person must be over or equal to 18 years old.

Persons who are exempt from fingerprint: Children who under 12 years old, disabled people, person who had been granted Schengen visa since 3 years ago. However, the Consulate still has a right to ask for fingerprint again and the applicant should be available to take fingerprints as required. 

What are the necessary conditions for France visa application?

The necessary conditions for France visa application include: Are they stable in employment, How is their income, presently do they own houses, lands and other properties, bank financial capacity, family factors, outbound history and some different factors…

How valid is France visa?

Issued visa shall be valid based on the purpose of exit as well as Consulate’s verification capacity that the exit value is important or not. There is no common rule for valid term of France visa.

How long to process France visa application?

Normally, the processing time is 15 days, except for the case of humanities and emergency.

Where to submit France visa?

France visa submission in HCMC or Ha Noi shall depend on the applicant’s permanent residence. If the applicants have permanent residence from Da Nang to the North, they shall submit documents at the application center of France visa in Ha Noi; if the applicants have permanent residence from Quang Nam to the South, they shall submit documents at the application center of France visa in HCMC.

The applicants who have permanent residence from Da Nang to the North would like to submit documents in HCMC, they need to have the temporary residence (KT3) from Quang Nam to the South.