Based on the Visa Policy of Vietnam, all visitors to Vietnam must provide a valid passport and an approval letter to stamp visa at Vietnam International Airports or Vietnamese Embassies/ Consulates in their countries except they are eligible for visa exemption. In order to get a tourist visa, you need to go through 2 step: the first is to apply for Vietnam tourist approval via a travel agency in Vietnam, the second step is to collect and stamp Vietnam Tourist visa. Places of picking up visa is optional, you could choose which one is the most suitable and convenience for you: at Vietnamese Embassy/ Consulate in your own country; or Vietnam’ international airports; or Vietnam’ international border crossings. After having tourist visa stamp on your passport, the procedure for visa is completely done. Now you can enjoy your wonderful time in Vietnam with beautiful landscapes, tasty cuisine,…


Step 1: Getting Vietnam Tourist Approval Letter

Approval Letter is the legal document approved by the Vietnam Immigration Department to allow foreigners enter into Vietnam and pick up visa at the overseas Embassies or Consulates of Vietnam, or at Vietnam international border gates or at Vietnam’s international airports.

Required information you need to provide when apply for Tourist Approval Letter:

  1. Your name;
  2. Passport number;
  3. Date of birth;
  4. Sex;
  5. Your nationality;
  6. Visa duration;
  7. Proposed date of arrival;
  8. Place of picking visa;

Processing time: 5-7 working days

Step 2: Stamping Vietnam Tourist Visa

After your Tourist approval letter is already, you will receive a scan copy of it via your email. And then you are pleased to prepare all the following documents to stamp your tourist visa:

  1. Your original passport must be valid for six months from your intended arrival date, and must have at least one blank visa page;
  2. 2 passport sized photographs (4×6 cm);
  3. The copy of visa approval letter;
  4. Complete the entry and exit application form;
  5. Visa stamping fee depending on the visa single or multiple entry and visa duration (USD25 for 1 and 3 month single entry, USD50 for 1 and 3 month multiple entry) must be paid in cash at the place of picking visa.


There are three options to obtain Tourist visa for those that require it

  1. Obtain the visa at Vietnamese Embassies/ Consulates in your own or another country or
  2. Obtain the visa at Vietnam’ international airports including Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City, Noi Bai airport in Ha Noi City, Cam Ranh airport in Nha Trang, Da Nang airport in Da Nang City or Phu Quoc airport in Kien Giang Province or
  3. Obtain the visa at Vietnam’ international border crossings, Vietnam has over a dozen international overland border crossings. These allow overland travel to Cambodia (via five crossings), Laos (via six crossing) and China (at least two crossings)


Visitors to Vietnam must obtain a visa from one of the Vietnamese Embassies/ Consulates or via agencies on arrival unless they come from one of the visa-exempting countries. All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months.

  1. Citizens of Brunei and Myanmar are granted bilateral visa-free entry no more than 14 days;
  2. Citizens of Philippines are granted bilateral visa-free entry no more than 21 days;
  3. Citizens of Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are granted bilateral visa-free entry no more than 30 days;
  4. Citizens of Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Finland, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Belarus are granted unilateral visa-free entry no more than 15 days
  5. Citizens with APEC business cards from member economies of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) are granted visa-free entry with no more than 60 days of residence;
  6. For tourists to Phu Quoc, Vietnam: Foreigners and abroad residing Vietnamese citizens entering Vietnam through an international border and travelling to Phu Quoc island, then residing under 15 days are granted Vietnam visa free entry. Passport are required at least 45 days validity. After entering Phu Quoc, in case travelers want to have a visit to other destinations or reside in the island more than 15 days, they will be offered Vietnam visa by the Immigration department right in the island;

Kindly note that the citizens of Japan, South Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Finland, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Belarus are granted unilateral visa-free entry no more than 15 days, after 15 days visa exemption they must leave Vietnam for their home or another country and it takes at least 30 days since the latest exit from Vietnam to enter again without Vietnam visa.


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