Some foreigners staying in Vietnam must have wondered that how to leave Vietnam with expired visa. Basing on Vietnam immigration laws, if a foreigner is holding a Vietnam expired visa and overstaying in Vietnam, he or she could not leave the country without paying the fines for overstaying and obtaining a visa extension stamp (exit visa) on the passport in advance. In the case that you need more time to stay in Vietnam, your expired visa will be considered and approved by Vietnam immigration department, the new visa extension stamp can be from 15 days, or from 1 month to 3 months depending on how many days has the visa expired?, your nationality, Vietnam visa type and the letter of explanation. To response to the question How to leave Vietnam with expired visa, please read the following post as carefully as you can.



All you need to know is to check your type of Vietnam visa by looking at the visa code and latest entry stamp granted on your passport. When your Vietnam visa is expired, its reissuance will be considered and the term of the new visa shall be at least 30 days less than that of a passport or international laissez-passer. To know more information for your Vietnam visa code, kindly click here. The terms of each Vietnam visa categories go like this:

  • The term of SQ and EV (E-visa) visas do not exceed 30 days
  • The term of a HN or DL visa is less than 03 months.
  • The term of a VR visa is less than 06 months.
  • The visa term of LS is less then 2 years
  • The term of NG1, NG2, NG3, NG4, LV1, LV2, DT4, DN1, DN2, NN1, NN1, NN3, DH, PV1, PV2 and TT visas do not exceed 12 months
  • The term of a LĐ visa (LDD1 or LĐ2) is less than 02 years.
  • The term of a ĐT visas (ĐT1, ĐT2. ĐT3. ĐT4) is from 1 to less than 10 years.



The answer is yes. However, the foreigners owning expired visa must pay the penalty for overstaying and get a Vietnam visa extension stamp, so-called as Exit visa, so that he/she is allowed to leave Vietnam in accordance with Vietnam laws.

The important point here is that it is illegal when the foreigner repeats this offense on purpose or let the visa expires with a long time. According to the seriousness of the situation, the foreigner may be allowed to issue the new visa extension stamp only and do not allow to enter Vietnam in the future.



How serious could it be if you have an expired visa in Vietnam? In case where you are overstaying for a just a few days, an administrative fine will be charged by day and it will be definitely applied for those who stay in Vietnam more than as stipulated in their visa validity. For those who intentionally commit the offenses with intense repetition, without respecting for the Vietnam law, the level of punishment may include administrative penalties, limitation of Vietnam entry or not allow to entering for certain period and enforced deportation.

Below is how much you will be charged on account of your overstayed days:

  • Overstaying up to 10 days, the fine is about 1,250,000 VND (55 USD);
  • Overstaying from over 10 days up to 1 month, the fine is about 4,000,000 VND (175 USD);
  • Visa overstaying from 1 to 3 months: about 10,000,000 VND (440 USD)
  • Overstaying for one year, the fine is more than 16,000,000 VND (700 USD) and the foreigner is forced to exit, limited entry and exit Vietnam and be banned within the specified period.


For those whose offense is considered more serious by the Immigration Department, they may be forced to exit out of Vietnam. There are two situations that could happen to foreigners who overstay and are forced to leave:

  1. They are requested to exit out of Vietnam but still allowed for re-entering: foreigners of this case will receive an exit visa valid for 15 days to leave Vietnam and they can apply for a new Vietnam visa to come back if they want to.
  2. They are requested to exit and banned from entering Vietnam for a certain period of time: the term of limitation of immigration to Vietnam can vary from a few months to several years depending on the judgments of the Immigration Department. Foreigners falling within this circumstance should obtain an exit visa to leave and they shall not be granted any permission to enter again until the limitation period is over. 

Please notice that overstaying is a serious offense and shall be treated with severe punishments. So in order to avoid all this, please pay attention to your visa validity and make sure that it coincides with your date of departure.



With visa extension, the provincial immigration departments of Vietnam will issue a new visa extension stamp on your passport with new expiry date so you are able to stay in Vietnam until that day or you can obtain a new visa sticker of the same or different type as your old one by applying for Vietnam visa renewal. With visa extension and visa renewal, you do not need to leave the country, because the procedures will be finished while you are in Vietnam. Your Vietnam visa must be extended or renewed from 5 to 7 days in advance, meaning that prior to the visa expiration date to make sure that you will not charged for fines of overstaying.

There some services for Vietnam visa extension, presented below:

  1. Vietnam visa extension service include following cases:
  • Business Visa: can be extended for from 1 month to 1 year maximum
  • Tourist Visa: can be extended for 3 months maximum
  • Visa exemption stamp: can be extended for 15 days
  • Overstay the visa: can be extended for from 15 – 30 days (Exit Visa stamp)
  1. Vietnam visa renewal service
  2. Vietnam visa run service at Moc Bai border crossing or any international land borders of Vietnam and international airports



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