Currently due to the complex covid-19 epidemic situation globally, many countries around the world are blockading or restricting their borders to control and prevent the epidemic from spreading. However, once the epidemic was under control, many countries began to loosen their border measures. In Vietnam, although there are still many strict requirements of disease control, foreign experts and investors are still be able to return to Vietnam to continue working. In this article, visa5s will guide you the process of applying for a dispatch to Vietnam in the special context of corona epidemic.


In order to ensure the control and prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic in the country, all visas to enter Vietnam are suspended except cases where experts, managers and investors together with their families. Therefore, the prerequisite for these professionals to be allowed for entry is to be guaranteed/sponsored by the company where they are working.

In addition, due to the effects of epidemic, the procedure also requires more steps and paperwork. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a company in Vietnam to carry out the application to the relevant authorities to assist their foreign workers entering Vietnam, regardless of whether the foreigner already has a work permit and temporary residence card in Vietnam or not.


As mentioned above, companies recruiting foreign experts need to help their employees to apply for permission to enter Vietnam. The following is the current process that employers must comply with:

►Step 1: Apply for approval to support experts, managers and foreign investors in entry of provincial People’s Committees

This is a new step added in the situation where the Corona epidemic is still at risk of infection. Accordingly, all cases of entry into Vietnam must first have this written approval from the Provincial People’s Committee in the province where the company of the foreigner registers for operation. To proceed this step, each province/city will have its own requirements for dossiers and procedures.

For Ho Chi Minh City, the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs will be the agency that receives and reviews applications from enterprises, and then presents it to the City People’s Committee for approval. The dossiers that enterprises should prepare include an explanation of the reasons for supporting foreign experts to enter and work at the company as well as information related to the foreign experts, information about the border gate where they depart abroad and arrive in Vietnam.

►Step 2: Apply for an approval letter at the Immigration Department

After having the approval of the local People’s Committee, the sponsoring company shall apply for an approval letter at the Immigration Department. Required dossiers include:

  • Approval by the local People’s Committee;
  • Form NA2 applying for foreigner if he or she does not have a visa or temporary residence card in Vietnam
  • Copy of work permit and temporary residence card of foreign professional (if any)
  • Dossiers of the company: Enterprise registration and registration of company’s stamp
  • Expected flight information of foreign experts.

► Step 3: Register quarantine plan at the International Health Quarantine Center of HCMC

After having the approval of the local People’s Committee and Immigration Department, the sponsoring company can start booking airplane, hotel and complete the preparation in order for the experts to enter successfully and smoothly. In which, the most important thing is quarantine registration. The application includes:

  • Approval by the local People’s Committee;
  • Approval by Immigration Department;
  • Reservation of airplane, hotel and transportation;
  • Quarantine Registration for compliance with the regulation on COVID-19 prevention and safety.

This is the mandatory requirement to be prepared before the experts entering Vietnam. The registration and implementation of the quarantine plan will comply with the requirements of the Medical Quarantine Center or the Department of Health where foreigners enter. The purpose of this step is to help the authorities to follow and take care of the experts, in order to ensure good health condition for not only the experts but also the whole community. For 14-day quarantined passengers, location for quarantine will those hotels listed by the competent authorities and quarantine costs will be covered by the sponsoring company.

On the part of foreign workers, they need to obtain a-negative-result test for Covid-19 by RT-PCR testing technique in their country 3-7 days prior to the departure to Vietnam.


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