Thanks to the expansion of international economic integration policy, Vietnam has been recently becoming an ideal destination for foreign investors and workforce. Up to 2019, about 90% of 80,000 expats has been granted Vietnam work permits. The validity of Vietnam work permit is the same as the term of signed labour contract and less than 2 years. Before the expiration date at least 45 days, the employers are supposed to go through the process of Vietnam work permit renewal for foreign employees if they wish to prolong their labour contract. This post might be useful for you to figure out the detailed process of Vietnam work permit renewal. Let us begin!

Compared to issuance Vietnam Work Permit, process of the renewal is much straightforward on the grounds that it requires more simplified documents. The process will be presented in detail like this:

Before applying for Vietnam work permit renewal

As the employer of your company, you should acknowledge these important requirements for your foreign workers before deciding to represent them to apply for the work permit renewal:

  • Foreign worker continue to extend the labor contract and hold the same position in their current Vietnamese company;
  • The validity of foreign worker’s current Vietnam work permit is still at least 45 days;
  • Foreign worker has no breaches of labor discipline as stipulated in the Labor Code;
  • The employer must prove that they are planning to or are conducting training of Vietnamese employees to perform the jobs currently performed by foreigners;
  • The information of foreigners (full name, passport number,…) and of the sponsored company must be the same as that of the recent Vietnam work permit.

Process of Vietnam work permit renewal
To applying for the Vietnam work permit renewal, the employer will need to go through 2 main steps that are mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Submit the form for explanation of foreign labor usage plan;
  • Step 2: Under some circumstances, when the extension permission is authorized, the employer continue submit the work permit renewal dossier for foreigners to the Department of Labor and Social Welfare near the company they work for. The application dossier for Vietnam work permit renewal includes:
  1. Request form for Vietnam work permit renewal from the employer in accordance with laws of the Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs;
  2. Health check certificate;
  3. 3 recent passport-sized photos;
  4. The original Vietnam work permit;
  5. People’s Committee approval;
  6. Notarized true copy of labor contract.

During the process of Vietnam work permit renewal, Here is the list of attention you should take note when applying for this service:

  1. The work permit renewal dossier for foreigners must be submitted to the provincial DoLISA at least 5 days but less than 45 days before the expiry date of the current Vietnam work permit.
  2. The original work permit in application dossier is still valid for at least 05 days but no longer than 45 days.
  3. The renewal process should have done before the foreign worker’s Vietnam work permit expires at least 45 days.
  4. Once the Vietnam work permit already expired, the employer must request to re-issue a brand new work permit for foreign worker => the process becomes more complicated.
  5. A foreigner who works in Vietnam with an expired Vietnam work permit will be expelled in accordance with Vietnam regulations.



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