I traveled to Europe, Australia and America… So can I apply for Korea visa with 100% successfulness?

If you traveled to Europe, Australia, and America… when you apply for Korea visa, it would be your huge advantage, but not at all. Each country has approval policies and private entry, so there is no element to ensure that you will achieve 100% visa.

If I don’t have stable job, could I get a Korea visa?

Even though you don’t have stable job, you have property, stable finance and traveled some Southeast Asian countries or Hong Kong, China, you still can apply for Korea visa with successfulness at high rate.

If I wasn’t invited from Korea, could I apply for Korea visa?

Yes, you could. It would be alright as long as the applicant is able to provide fully dossier as required without being invited from Korea.

Do I have to apply for Korea visa by myself?

If you do a business trip with invitation, you can authorize others to submit and pick up visa for you.

If you go for self-travel, you must submit by yourself, unless possibly authorization for family members (having name on family record book), and children under 17 years old, their parents shall represent for submission.

What are the necessary requirements for Korea visa?

The necessary requirements for Korea visa include: employment, finance, property, exit history…

How long shall valid Korea visa last?

Korean visa is valid for 3 months, single entry, and maximum residence of 30 days.

How long to process the Korea visa application?

Normally the time for processing Korea visa is 8 working days.