I have a stable job, but my company was not paying Social Insurance for me, so can I apply for Taiwan visa?

The Social Insurance and Health Insurance are mandatory requirements for workers who wish to apply for Taiwan visa.

If I don’t have stable job, could I get a Taiwan visa?

For the case of no stable job, especially for those who are in employment age shall be limited the possibility of visa issuanceusually. 

If there is no invitation, could I apply for tourist Taiwan visa?

Yes, you could. It would be alright, as long as the applicant is able to provide fully dossier as required without being invited from Taiwan.

Can others pick up Taiwan visa for me?

Yes. They just need to provide authorized letter and Embassy’s receipt.

Do I have to apply for Taiwan visa by myself?

Not necessarily. The applicant can authorize others for application. But in case of demand of interview from Embassy, the applicant should be available to present.

Taiwanesevisa is valid for 3 months, single entry, and maximum residence of 14 days.

The necessary requirements for Taiwan visa include: employment, finance, and the important thing is that if you are a salaried worker, you need to have Social Insurance and Health Insurance. 

How long shall valid Taiwan visa last?

Taiwanese visa is valid for 3 months, single entry, and maximum residence of 14 days.

How long to process the Taiwan visa application?

Normally the processing time is about 1 week.

However, for urgent cases, the processing time is from 2 to 3 days, depending on the purposes of trip.