Do I have to get an interview?

Not necessary. The Embassy shall interview you by the phone.

May others pick up the visa for me?

Yes, it could. Authorized persons need to provide authorized letter, receipt and ID card

Do I have to apply for UK visa by myself?

Presence at the time of filing is required to all applicants.

What are the necessary requirements for UK visa?

The necessary requirements for UK visa include: having inviters, the applicant should have stable job and how their income is, are they owning houses, lands and other properties, bank capacity, family factors, outbound history…other additional factors.

How valid is UK visa?

Generally UK visa is valid within 6 months, multiple entry; maximum stays of 180 days.

How long to process the UK visa application?

Normally the processing time for UK visa is from 3 to 4 weeks, except for the cases of humanities and emergences.

Where to apply for UK visa?

The applicant may apply at UK visa application center in HCMC and Ha Noi.