If you are in Vietnam and want to extend your visa for tourism, business, working, investment or others purposes, you might be able to extend your visa right here in Vietnam without exiting the country and re-entering as you imagine. If you are able to apply for Vietnam visa extension or visa renewal, you should do so at least two weeks before your current visa expires and your original passport will be kept at immigration department for 1 week. For some countries, the procedures of visa extension or visa renewal in Vietnam are very simple and almost all the necessary documents are ready in accordance with the regulations of Vietnam Immigration Law without worry. All you need to know more about the latest and detailed procedures for Vietnam visa extension, let’s follow our guidelines below.



Procedures and requirements for Vietnam visa extension depend on the current Vietnam visa type, nationality, the time of the year and your entry purpose, the length of Vietnam visa extension is different from each other. Therefore, we advise you to contact the nearest immigration department or visa agency for advice on necessary procedures, processes, especilly screen your dossier and assist you the checklist of visa extension in Vietnam. Remember that only a limited number of nationalities are eligible to apply for the visa extension in Vietnam and the requirements change accordingly as well.


Here is the whole procedures for Vietnam visa extension you should acknowledge:

Step 1: Finding out your documents and needs

How to avoid troubles when you apply for visa extension in Vietnam, one of the most important steps in the procedures of applying for the visa extension in Vietnam is to understand your needs, the purpose of the visa extension, the documents related to the current visa type, the duration of the passport, nationality, the name of the international airport or land border grossing of entry into Vietnam, and has the visa been extended yet?

By providing us these above important information, it helps us to have enough information and data to review the documents and advise the most accurate information about the visa extension term.


Step 2: Offering the Visa Extension Proposals and Fees

We will confirm all the necessary information that you are interested in to make a decision about which visa extension option is appropriate for your budget, your time, the most importantly for your entry purposes and long-term plan in Vietnam.

How to understand all the things of visa extension in Vietnam and which one is in accordance with Vietnam laws, remember that the extension price varies depending on how many time you have extended your visa and nationality. Here are the main points that you need to know before applying for Vietnamese visa extension

  • Inform you about the cost of at least 2 options available to conduct the visa extension in Vietnam you can choose;
  • Requirements and conditions for extending or renewing your visa in Vietnam;
  • Term of payment;
  • Cancellation Policy;
  • Processing time for visa extension in Vietnam.

In this step, we will tell you at least 2 solutions on how to extend your Vietnam visa

  • Extending your Vietnam visa by visa renewal or visa extension or (Difference Between Visa Extension And Visa Renewal Vietnam – Please FIND HERE);
  • Vietnam visa run to nearest international land border grossing or airport

Step 3: Confirming the most appropriate solution and providing the documents by yourself

Once your decision is made for Vietnamese visa extension. The next step we should work together is that you provide all original documents to our office and complete all the forms for visa extension application. The requirements for Vietnamese visa extension depend on visa type of Vietnam you granted, which country are you from, and prove your purpose of entry into Vietnam through your ability to give your documents.

However, the basic documents that apply for almost all Vietnam visa extension cases can be listed as below

Documents provided by the application

  1. Original copy of current passport (the passport should be valid for at least six months two blank pages) ;
  2. Original copy of Vietnamese visa (the visa was stamped on the passport or separate visa);
  3. Copy of latest Vietnam entry stamp and port of entry name into Vietnam;
  4. Original copy or photo of residential registration certificate confirmed by a local police where you are staying in Vietnam;


Documents provided by legal entity or individual for Vietnamese visa types of work, business, investment and relatives visiting

  1. All the forms for visa extension or visa renewal must be signed and sealed by company’s legal representative;
  2. Notarized certified copy of legal Entity: A Limited Liability Company, Joint Stock Company and Representative Office in Vietnam
  • Notarized true copy of business registration certificate, investment registration certificate or establish Representative Office
  • Notarized true copies of Seal registration certificate and tax code registration certificate (if any)
  1. Notarized true copy of Vietnam work permit or work permit exemption certificate (for those granted the work permit in Vietnam);
  2. Individual sponsored by Vietnamese citizen or Vietnamese spouses should provide the notarized true copies of Vietnamese identity card or passport, family registration book, marriage registration or birth certificate for spouse, children

Step 4: Submitting the documents into Immigration Department and updating your visa extension status

Your documents and original passport will be submitted and kept at Vietnam Immigration Department around 7 business days. If the documents are eligible, the new visa extension stamp or new visa paper sticker will be granted on your passport with new staying duration permission in Vietnam and it allows to stay longer in Vietnam



Here are the contact details of the Immigration Departments located in the North, Center and South of Vietnam.

  1. In Ho Chi Minh City:
  • The Ho Chi Minh City Police Department’s Immigration Office: 196 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Ministry of Public Security Department Of Immigration: 254 Nguyen Trai Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City
  1. In Da Nang: 7 Tran Quy Cap, Da Nang City
  2. In Ha Noi: 40A, Hang Bai Street, Hanoi, Vietnam



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