According to Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs’ latest statistic, over 80,000 foreign labours are working in Vietnam up to now, 90% of whom already obtained legal Vietnam work permits. Moreover, Vietnam work permit extension is obligatorily required to issue when the foreign labour’s work permit almost expires. However, many people still hesitate in Vietnam work permit extension due to facing unanswered questions. Today Visa5s will put your mind at rest by responding frequently asked questions about Vietnam work permit extension. Let’s take a look at this post!

Question 1:  How long does Vietnam work permit last?

  • The validity of Vietnam work permit is equivalent the term of the labour contract to be signed and no more than 2 years.

Question 2: When do foreign workers need to issue Vietnam work permit extension?

  • On behalf of the foreign worker, the employer must apply for Vietnam work permit extension at least 30 days before his/her work permit expires.

Question 3:  Is getting Vietnam work permit extension complicated?

  • No. The procedure of getting Vietnam work permit extension is quite simpler compared to issuing the work permit since the required documents are more simplified.

Question 4: What are the conditions for Vietnam work permit extension?

  • There are 3 main conditions must be fulfil for foreign employee to be eligible for the extension:
  • The current Vietnam work permit’s information is not changed especially the number of passport, job position;
  • The foreign employee desires to go on working in the current company in Vietnam;
  • The employer proved that they want to extend the labour contract with that foreign employee.

Question 5: What happens if the expats do not obtain Vietnam work permit extension?

  • The expats working in Vietnam with an outdated Vietnam work permit will be deported as regulations of Vietnam. Furthermore, their employer must pay a penalty and even be suspended from operation for a specified of time depending on how serious the case is.

Question 6: Along with work permit, what are other required documents for foreign workers in Vietnam?

The essential documents that foreigners need to obtain if they wish to work in Vietnam include:

  • Short-term Vietnam Business Visa;
  • Vietnam Work Permit;
  • Vietnam Temporary Residence Card.


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