Vietnam visa extension service is a perfect ideal for foreigner who granted a tourist or business or investment or working Vietnam visa and the visa is coming to an end. How to extend a tourist visa, business visa or working visa in Vietnam? Which steps to extend a visa in Vietnam? And how long you can stay after applying for Vietnam visa extension? Instead of coming out of Vietnam, you can absolutely extend your visa right in our country by using one of two services such as visa extension or visa renewal. Before conducting the service, you might spend your time to know too much about which steps you have to follow to extend your visa in Vietnam. Let’s read our following guidelines about the detailed steps to extend your visa with

Since the visa extension depends on the current Vietnam visa type, nationality, the time of the year and purpose, the length of visa extension in Vietnam is different from each other. Therefore, we advise you to contact a visa agency to screen your dossier and assist you the procedure of visa extension in Vietnam. Remember that only a limited number of nationalities are eligible to apply for the visa extension in Vietnam and the requirements change accordingly as well.

Here are the detailed steps to extend visa in Vietnam you should acknowledge:

Step 1: Providing all information and documents for reviewing

Reviewing your information and documents is one of the most important steps and the most important factors affecting the visa extension service fee are your nationality, current visa type, port entry name. In our procedure of visa extension service, we always ask our client to provide the following information and documents:

  • A scanned copy of your passport;
  • A scanned copy of current Vietnam visa;
  • A scanned copy of Vietnam entry stamp;
  • Port of entry name into Vietnam;
  • How long do you need to extend your visa [1 month or 3 month extension or extending 15 day vietnam visa]
  • Has your visa ever been extended?
  • What is your purpose to extend your visa in Vietnam
  • Where is your staying/ living/ working in Vietnam?
  • Do you have a Vietnamese company sponsor for your visa extension

Step 2: Evaluating your dossier and recommending the solutions

In this step we will evaluate your dossier, needs and recommend at least 2 options, what are the benefits of them.

The solutions basing on your documents may include

  • Vietnam visa renewal service or;
  • Vietnam visa extension service or;
  • Vietnam visa run service in Ho Chi Minh City

All information needs for your service

  • the service fee for each option
  • requirements for each service
  • visa duration is allowed to extend
  • term of payment;
  • processing time for the services

Step 3: Making your decision and visiting our office with your documents

Please consider the suitable service that you would like to apply for. After your document submits into Vietnam immigration department, we are not able to make any changes. In order to process the service, 50% deposit may require to pay upfront. (During 5-7 days of processing time, you cannot withdraw your passport so kindly plan your schedule in Vietnam accordingly.)

Step 4: Completing required documents and submitting for Visa extension application
Requirements for current tourist visa, Vietnam visa exemption, business visa or even investment visa is quite different from others. In some special cases relating to the citizens of Bangladesh, China, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Turkish, Jordan, South Africa,…the Vietnam immigration department also request to provide some additional documents from Vietnamese company

Required documents for business/ working Visas

Foreigners who are working, doing business and having the sponsor company in Vietnam, containing a valid visa marked the visa type of DN, LĐ, ĐT / NN1 / NN2 / TT should prepare the following dossiers:

  1. Notarized certified copy of business registration certificate or investment registration certificate or establish Representative Office
  2. Seal registration certificate and tax code registration certificate (if any);
  3. Notarized true copy of quarterly or monthly tax report (in some special cases)
  4. Applicant’s original passport;
  5. A valid Vietnam visa;
  6. Notarized true copy of Vietnam work permit or work permit exemption certificate (if any);
  7. Forms for business visa extension signed and sealed by company’s legal representative
  8. Original certificate of temporary residence in Vietnam (proof of residence);
  9. In case of that foreigners accompany with their relatives, it’s required to provide the written proof of family relationships (the documents must be legalized, translated and notarized comply with the provisions of law):

a. A marriage certificate applied for the relatives recognized as spouse

b. A birth certificate recognized as children

Required documents for tourist and exemption visa

Foreigners who come to Vietnam for the purpose of tourist, relative visit granted the visa type of DL, VR or visa exemption stamp should prepare the following dossiers:

  1. Applicant’s original passport;
  2. A scanned copy of valid Vietnam visa or visa exemption stamp
  3. Port of entry name;
  4. Your current address in Vietnam;
  5. Airlines ticket reservation
  6. Original certificate of temporary residence in Vietnam (if any);

Step 4: Following up the visa extension status

We will submit applicant’s dossier to Vietnam Immigration Department for visa extension in Vietnam. If the documents are eligible, the new visa extension stamp will be issued. The result of visa extension comes around 7 working days.

Step 5: Informing the result of visa extension Vietnam

One your new visa extension approved by the immigration department, we will come to collect and inform you about the result by sending a scanned copies of new visa extension stamp or new visa sticker. The original passport will return to you.


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